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 Our Wellness Workshops are designed to engage your employees, enhance healthy lifestyles, create a renewed sense of physical well-being, sharpen mental skills, reduce stress and tension, and present the latest trends in health, fitness, and wellness.



Eating for Energy: Would you like to have maximum energy to do all that you want to do each day? Do you want to get through your workday without reaching for a cookie at 3pm? Do you want to go home each night with enough energy to enjoy spending time with your family and friends? Our Eating for Energy workshop will give you the healthy alternatives and long-term solutions for optimal energy. We will help you identify the energy-draining influences in your life, as well as teach you which foods are best for boosting and sustaining your energy and your mood. Interactive component: Sampling healthy choices to re-energize your workday


Power Up Your Diet-Healthy Eating and Meal Prep: Most people’s excuse for not eating healthier is that “it’s too expensive” or “I just don’t have the time.” This workshop will serve to show more cost-friendly methods of eating healthier, explain time saving techniques like meal prepping, and break the myths stopping you from eating as you should. Discover essential nutrients to add into your diet, how to read and decode a nutrition label, and various myths about dieting. Interactive component: Packing the perfect lunch demonstration with meal prep containers


Food and Mood Connection: Eating the right foods can balance your moods and keep you productive and energized, while the wrong foods can create mood swings and set you back. This workshop will examine the connections between diet and moods and how to choose food that will stabilize your emotions. Interactive component: Mood enhancing food sampling


Sugar Busters: The over-consumption of sugar has led to an alarming epidemic in regards to the health of our society. Despite this, sugar is found in nearly every product we consume in our daily diets that contribute towards addictive behaviors. Discover methods that can help curb cravings and how to identify hidden calories from sugars in foods and beverages. Topics also include snacking in the office and what to add into your diet to stabilize blood sugar levels to help you stay energized throughout the day! Interactive component: Healthy vendor snacks low in sugar count




Set a Wellness Goal: Everyone’s goals are different! Learn how to uncover your own unique recipe for health and happiness by tapping into what is meaningful and achievable for you. Then learn to change habits step by step, to master each goal before moving on to the next. The process includes setting health/nutrition/fitness goals, identifying obstacles, and putting strategies in place to ensure success. Interactive component: Setting goals and nutrition journal


Health & Wellness Coaching: Trending diets and fitness routines are continuously evolving, making it hard to discover which one is truly best for you. Discover the essential benefits these weight reduction and wellness plans have to offer, while learning how to develop the best lifestyle. Consult with an expert wellness coach on a variety of nutritional concepts that address your health goals both, individually and as an office community. Interactive component: Healthy vendor snacks and coaching guidelines


Reflect and Re-Energize: Typically following “Set a Wellness Goal” or “Wellness Coaching Sessions,” this workshop allows the group to take a look back at their health and fitness goals. What goals were met, accomplished, or left behind? Assessing what works in each individuals lives and what can be modified to reach a healthy lifestyle. Keeping encouragement from co-worker’s personal experiences and receiving new methods from our coaches to re-energize, employees’ initial goals can continue their success. Interactive Component: Reflection of wellness goals and initiatives for successful employees (gift cards, snacks, rewards)


Immune Boosting & Flu Prevention: You do not need to suffer from a cold or the flu this season! This workshop will teach you how to boost your immune system and handle the onslaught of germs that naturally comes in the fall. This is one of the most important workshops in our series. Viruses are now lasting as long as 10-12 days and many people are fighting two infections in a season, this is no rite of passage and it can be prevented. Protect your office community and get healthier this flu season! Interactive component: Freshly pressed juice sampling




Corporate Crunch: Bring fitness to your office! This interactive workshop will give everyone in the office the optimal energy they need to power through their workday. Employees will learn why movement is essential to their overall well-being. The instructor will demonstrate different exercises and movements that can be easily duplicated by the participants. Interactive component: Certified Fitness Instructor leads your private class


Fit-breaks (15min a session): Are you looking for activities to liven up a meeting?! Schedule a Fit Break with us and one of our instructors will come out to your staff meeting or event to lead your group in various stretches and exercises that rejuvenate the mind and body! Fit Breaks are a great way to keep everyone awake, engaged and feeling good during a long day of meetings and/or trainings. Interactive component: Certified personal trainer leads stretching sessions


Deskercise & Restructure Your Posture: Restructure method is an exercise format that incorporates self-Myofascial Release Massage (MFR), stretching, and corrective movements for sedentary employees. The workshop will include a brief over-view of why MFR is important for health. It will also touch upon how to use corrective exercises to reduce & possibly eliminate pain caused by muscle tension & imbalance from sitting at a desk all day. Interactive component: Certified myofascial instructor demo with foam rollers


Stretch 365: So many people stretch every day, but most of them stretch incorrectly or for insufficient amount of time. The benefits of stretching include: improved flexibility, poster, injury prevention, and the improvement of blood circulation in the body. Those benefits are just for the body, but also the mind can benefit as well through the releasing of tension and increased energy. The instructor will go over the different types of stretching from dynamic to static to passive and active. Interactive component: Instructor to demo dynamic and static stretching movements.




Making a Change: Make a change in the office mindset and turn it into a positive environment. Learn to embrace the three major behavior categories that affect your reaction to co-workers or onsite challenges: how you filter information and interpret the world, how you handle situations, and how you communicate and connect with others. This workshop encourages creative thinking, uplifting your team, and how to take your company’s goals to the next level. Interactive component: Team building and personal assessments


A Shock to the Senses: Stress Management: This workshop will teach you how stress affects your brain and three techniques for creating a sense of calm, mentally and physically. Discover ways to use your senses to change your response to stress. Taking just a short break in your schedule to attend this powerful workshop is the key to increasing your overall productivity. We’ll teach you how to take a mini vacation while at your desk! Putting your health first can actually take very little time out of your life, while adding lots of life to your time. Interactive component: Senses and Stress Meditation


Chair Massage: Now imagine the creativity that can occur when the brain and body are being refreshed in tandem, on a regular basis? Rested workers are relaxed and ready to get down to business. Reward your desk bound employees with an office escape by our certified chair massage therapists, where they will experience a reduction of stress, increase in body circulation, and appreciation for your company. Interactive component: Each employee receives a personalized chair massage


Tai Chi or Yoga Meditation: Choose between either Tai Chi or Yoga Meditation to add some balance to the “Office Zen.” Tai Chi for Health: Focus on physical body alignments and methods of moving dedicated to bringing better health, increased vitality, mental clarity and a calmer spirit through the ancient Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Yoga Meditation: Learn the powerful practice of Yoga as a way to stretch and relax the entire body. Using breathing techniques, exercises and meditation this workshop is great for stress relief, improving mood, and decreasing anxiety. Interactive component: Live demonstrations of meditation followed by herbal teas


Holistic Mindfulness: Feeling the need for a total detox? Using all natural methods to improve the body’s health, remove toxins, and cleanse the mind. Learn innovative ways to utilize home-made remedies, essential oils, and natural products to your everyday life. Interactive component: Sampling of essential oils


Wellness Workshop Packages:




All About Eating Series: Workshop 1-Eating for Energy Workshop 2- Power Up Your Diet Workshop 3- Sugar Busters Workshop 4- Food and Mood Connection




Set a Wellness Goal followed by Health Coaching Series: Workshop 1-Set a Wellness Goal Workshop 2-Health Coaching Session Workshop 3-Health Coaching Session Workshop 4-Health Coaching Session and Reflect and Re-energize





Fit-breaks in the Office Series: Workshops 1-4: Fit-breaks in The Office Group Fitness Private Class Series: Workshops 1-4: Any Group Fitness Class by Kinema




Visualize and Make It Happen Meditation Series: Workshop 1- Making a Change Meditation Workshop 2- A Shock to the Senses: Holistic Health & Stress Management Workshop 3-Tai Chi or Yoga Meditation

Our team of professional wellness educators are experts in their fields, ranging from registered nutritionists and dieticians, board certified doctors, personal trainers, and health coaches. They are the best in the industry.