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Circuit Training/Bootcamp: A circuit session includes both strength and aerobic activities, making it a popular choice for an array of individuals, those short on time and in need of versatility. Circuit training exercises are done with little resting time between sets while targeting multiple muscle groups. Fitness equipment can heighten this workout such as kettle bells, bands, free weights, and medicine balls. Equipment Needed: Various Soft Equipment(kettle bells, free weights, medicine balls, etc.)


HIIT or Tabatas: Tabatas are calculated interval sessions that switch between high intensity and low intensity bursts. They include mostly bodyweight exercises that combine lower and upper body at the same time. Typically, these movements will be completed to exhaustion.


My Zone HIIT: MYZONE utilizes wireless and cloud technology to accurately monitor physical activity. It monitors heart rate, calories, and time for everyone in the class. Each participant is given a heart rate monitor before the class starts. All information is then displayed on an LCD television to challenge them in a healthy competition. Equipment Needed: MYZONE heart rate monitors and subscription


Cardio Kickboxing: Our kickboxing class offers a variety of movements all designed to maximize efficiency and intensity. The different styled punches and kicks will be taught with exquisite technique and combined with signature moves. Get ready to heighten your heartrate and get your body moving. Equipment Needed: Optional Gloves


Body Toning 360: This body toning class uses sculpting tools such as stability balls, dumbbells and Pilates rings to sculpt 360 degrees of your body. This workout rolls from one exercise to another with little break time to ensure that each muscle in the body is being worked and never burn out one muscle group.


30/60/90: This class will combine high-intensity, low-volume training with low-intensity, high volume training using variations of 30, 60, and 90 second intervals. Promoting specific combinations of volume and intensity, this planned integrated training program will lead to superior physical, physiological, and performance improvements. 30/60/90 is designed to produce long-term, consistent results and prevent overtraining and injury though appropriate training variation!


Crossfit: Crossfit is a series of quick high intensity bursts of energy focusing on functional training. Our goal is to develop your inner athlete and prepare the body for the unexpected.  We cater to all ability levels and will work with each individual to ensure they are achieving their specific goals. Equipment Needed: Free Weights, Strength Machines, Various Soft Equipment


Cardio & Strength Interval Training: This high intensity class mixes rounds of cardio intervals on the treadmill, elliptical, or rower with total body exercises geared to burn calories, build muscle, and get your heart pumping. The strength intervals will challenge you by incorporating kettlebells, free weights, and circuit training equipment while the cardio intervals will increase your endurance. Equipment Needed: Cardio Machines & Various Soft Equipment


Abs&Core: Discover your ability to get amazing abs and a strong core! With this routine focused on activating core abdominal muscles, you will transform and tone your body during a fun workout session designed with your abs in mind! Fat burning and core strengthening techniques are incorporated into this unintimidating program designed with the entire core in mind.


Spin Class: See consistent results while burning a high amount of calories and improving cardiovascular endurance in this non-impact class. Whether you're a beginner or avid cyclist this class is for you - it's modified for all levels! Instructor focuses on fun and challenging rides with steady progressions towards the end of each format. Different rides include but are not limited to intervals, strength, split rides, race day, combo & variety. Come and enjoy the interaction, driving energy and beats from fantastic music and get one of the best cardio workouts you can do in a group exercise setting. The only competition is the one you have with yourself! Train like an athlete, ride like a racer and find your inner champion! Equipment Needed Exercise Bikes


Octagon Circuit: Total body functional training at its finest! Each class will consist of a 6-10 station circuit utilizing the Octagon equipment. The circuits are specifically designed to help you build strength, increase endurance, improve speed and agility all while challenging your core and balance in a whole new way. Though tough, this class is truly meant for all fitness levels, as all stations can be modified or progressed so each participant is able to get the most out of the class. Equipment Needed: Multi-functional Equipment Piece or Separate Stations with Soft Equipment





Group Running: Our instructors will provide a personalized run for your group either throughout the city, along the beach, or local parks. Let our experience runners gradually train your bodies to run long distances and build cardio. Stretching and strength building exercise will start and finish each workout to protect joints. Runs can be split up into beginner and intermediate groups.


Marathon Training: Most participants will progress towards completing the entire half marathon running, but others may prefer a walk/run combination to complete the race. It is recommended that you be running or walk/ running two to three weeks preceding the class start date. The program will accommodate all levels of runners, so everyone is encouraged to participate in the training class. Groups will be formed to accommodate most levels, and training will be tailored to reach specific goals. Equipment Needed: Class can be held outdoors, or utilize gym cardio machines for training





Active Stretching: Revitalize your body by stretching all of your major muscle groups. Stretching keeps your body moving by keeping joints mobile and flushing out lactic acid after exercising. Learn from our instructors the proper stretching techniques you can use everyday. Equipment Needed: Optional Stretch Bands





Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Vinyasa style yoga focuses on specific areas while toning the system as a whole giving special attention to alignment and taking care of oneself. Deep breathing and abdominal exercises work to fortify the core, helping each person get in touch with their center and provide stability in postures. Expect a great workout that will strengthen, lengthen, and stretch the muscles of the body while calming the mind. Equipment needed: Mats and Blocks.


Power Yoga: Power Yoga is a more advanced flowing sequence of postures and poses. Breathing techniques move participants rapidly from one pose to another. Classes focus on body weight bearing exercises, torso stability, and decrease stress while increasing awareness. Equipment Needed: Mats and Blocks.


Restorative Yoga: This style of yoga is wonderful for all students seeking the benefits of a very relaxing, gentle, and restorative practice. Deep restorative work improves range of motion, joint mobility, and reduces pain. Students with injuries or limitations related to age or size will benefit from this practice. Equipment Needed: Mats and Blocks.


Hatha Yoga: Starts with a strong foundation where postures are taught focusing on alignment and breath while entering, holding, and leaving the posture. Breathing and meditation techniques may also be taught depending on the teacher or particular class focus. Hatha yoga is an excellent style for students who appreciate longer holds in individual postures and prefer a slower and more meditative approach to the practice. Equipment Needed: Mats and Blocks.


Detox Yoga: A dynamic flow incorporating many cleansing twists & binds that massages the internal organs, with the goal of keeping the waste removal departments of the body functioning well. Twists in yoga aid in the removal of lactic acid, lymphatic fluid in the deep tissues that can be hard to reach, and also removing carbon dioxide to keep the body clean. In addition to the physical benefits of this practice, this class will focus on mental detox and learning how to cleanse the mind through breath work and asana. Equipment Needed: Mats and Blocks, after class herbal teas or freshly pressed juices are recommended


Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini literally means “coiled” and the purpose of the practice is to uncoil your snake and release that energy within. Health, strength, fitness and overall happiness benefits are direct from this style. Focus on breath, movement, and challenges its students both physically and mentally. Equipment Needed: Mats and Blocks.




Meditation: Focusing on the present moment allows us to become relaxed and effective decision makers with meditation yoga. Other major benefits including relieving high levels of stress and anxiety. Our instructors allow you to be in the moment and let go in our walking or sedentary musical mediation classes. Equipment Needed: Mats or Conference Tables with Chairs


Tai Chi: Tai Chi, or “moving meditation,” is a slow, graceful, and relaxed series of movements. Combining flexibility, balance, and weight bearing exercises with deep breathing and meditation.


Meditation/Yoga Fusion: This mindfulness-focused class will have a slightly slower pace that allows for complete inhalations and exhalations. We will explore different meditation and breath techniques that will carry over into well-aligned dynamic yoga sequences as we stretch and move the body with awareness. An excellent complement to more active endeavors that create balance and space in body and mind.




Pilates: Using the body’s own resistance, a series of movements are designed to improve circulation, breathing, posture, and body awareness. Our Mat Pilates is a fast-paced, intense workout that targets your arms, legs, butt, and abs. This workout is designed to sculpt muscles, strengthen core, and challenge your body.


Pop Pilates: Pop Pilates is a fusion of core strengthening and total body defining that is choreographed to your favorite top 40 hits. This intense, mat-based work out is intended to rhythmically flow from one exercise to the next while leaving no muscle untouched. Equipment Needed: Mats


PIYO: Piyo is a low-impact exercise program which uses Pilates and Yoga inspired moves set to faster paced music. Using your body weight as natural resistance, there is no choreography to learn as you move to strengthen your muscles, increase your stamina, and get flexibility training in one class. Equipment Needed: Mats




Zumba: Latin inspired dance style moves incorporated into an easy to follow aerobic class. Zumba instructors will take the time to break down the choreography in an easy to follow format that is sure to energize. Enjoy dance moves from Cha Cha, Salsa, Reggaeton Rumba, Hip Hop, and more.


Hip Hop Funk: Get ready for the breakdown with the hottest hip-hop music and moves. This class takes you step by step through fun choreography that is sure to get your body moving and heart pumping.


Barre Tone: Barre Toning is a low impact, high energy aerobic class that takes place primarily at the barre.  Rooted in Ballet fundamentals, the exercises focus on stretching and toning the arms, core, legs and butt to create long lean muscles. Light weight, high repetition sequences at the barre and floor work create a unique class structure for all ages and fitness levels. 


Prevention Barre: A Barre class for people who have pre-exiting injuries, or for those who want a less intense workout. It strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, and makes for a great workout with less impact.
















 Our Private Fitness Classes are designed to engage your employees, enhance healthy lifestyles, create a renewed sense of physical well-being, reduce stress and tension, and present the latest trends in group fitness.

Provide in house group fitness for your employees in a conference room, open office space, or reserve one of our studios in the fitness center.